Friday, 14 August 2015

I Need You Now - DRD, *May's Soul*, The Plastik, [CX], SWaGGa, {Lovefox} and The Annexe at Enchantment

andolys Ariel's Cozy Spot Complete set with Single and Couples Poses DRD at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace
andolys Ariel's Bed with Poses - DRD at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace
Ariel Headdress - May's Soul at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

GORGEOUS Ursulae Fin and Top (materials and wet look included) - The Plastik at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Tidal Trident (Back and Hand Versions) - [CX] at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Happy Crab and Happy Fish (Rare) - SWaGGa at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Sea Net Necklace with Beads - The Annexe at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Fresh Kelp Nibbles  - {L o v e f o x} at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

HAIR * - Exile - Dream of Paradise - MarketPlace

SHAPE - Custom

EYES - Ikon - Promise * - MarketPlace

LASHES - *GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria * - MarketPlace

MESH BODY, HANDS AND FEET - Belleza - Freya Fitmesh Body

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