Monday, 17 August 2015

Gravity - dM! deviousMind, Azoury, Bliensen + Maitai, Wicked Peach and [ zerkalo ] at Enchantment and Stargazer at Thrift Shop

Seepferdchen - Jewel of the Sea Coral Reef Companion (Rare) - !dM deviousMind at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) - MarketPlace
Little Miss Lobster outfit (Boots, Shell Bustle, Gloves, Modesty Cover, Lemon Decor (waist) Lemon and Parsley Garnish (waist), Red Garnish Pasties, Butter Pat Pasties and Pincers) - !dM deviousMind at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) - MarketPlace

Eledone Headdress - Azoury at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Sirena Necklace - Bliensen + Maitai at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Les Poissons Body Scales (with appliers) - Wicked Peach at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) -  MarketPlace

Little Mermaid Couch (PG and Adult Versions available), cushions and table - [zerkalo] at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) MarketPlace

Nophia Skin in Carmine (With appliers including ears, head and nail) and Ipheion Eyes - Stargazer at Thrift Room -  MarketPlace

HAIR * +Spellbound+  Grimoire at Enchantment (Opens 14th August) MarketPlace

SHAPE - Custom

EYES - Ikon - Promise * - MarketPlace

LASHES - *GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria * - MarketPlace

MESH BODY, HANDS AND FEET - Belleza - Freya Fitmesh Body

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