Friday, 28 November 2014

Wrapped Up - The new Dea Mesh Body from [Banned]

**WARNING - I do not normally do this but.....some of what is typed here may offend some people as I have addressed trolling issues and been pretty blunt about it. Frankly, if you are going to get all upset I suggest you do not read or you can ask me for a tissue before you start**

After much pacing the floor and wringing of hands the new Dea FitMesh Body from [Banned] has arrived!! HURRAH!.  

It is well worth the wait....a well curved shape and unlike most of the other recent releases, no skinny chicken legs.  You DO need to wear it on 0 fat to avoid the neck issue but that is not a design fault for the size of the body, merely a SL issue.  It fits perfectly with Slink XS hands and feet (I am used to larger ones due to the normal size of my av but honestly? I have not really missed them nor the bigger size).  

It comes with the Omega system embedded and you WILL need to pop along to Omega to get the activation kit but it is a paltry 2L if you join the group and 99L if not and once done your body will work with any Omega appliers.  Lola (NOTE: Lola's Appliers support 2 types of textures,  standard upper body textures and Lola's own textures. If you experience the clothing NOT showing as supposed on the Body, the creator was using the Texture template of Lola's) and [Banned] Appliers work already.

The HUD is easy to use and you get left and right options on the alphas so you can wear mesh clothing over the body but as with ALL mesh bodies, some clothes just will not fit the alpha, it is impossible to make everything fit for everyone.  There is also an alpha switch to try and sort out the disappearing layer problems (Alpha Glitch).  You get shirt, undershirt, pant and under-pant layers, tattoo creators can just make tats on the undershirt/pant layer (I do not really know ANYONE who wears 3 layers at a time).  Those who have nothing to complain about other than that the HUD is too big..well A) At last you can see what you need to click and really? who runs around with the HUD open? B) Click the minimize button and OH LOOK! it has shrunk.

It comes with a developers kit to make your own appliers if you want to and they are easy to do and you get free updates.

In short, this body is very, very good and [Banned] did well to get this out.  Before they had even released it we were yawning as the same old pack of whining bullies were flapping their gums and cackling like old hags. Luckily, people are no longer interested in their tired old attempts to ruin people and spread lies (and the phrase people in glass houses should not throw stones comes to mind) so with everyone's support they did release it and we are glad they did. Lies, bullying, lame old bleating from same, lame ugly people, site hacking and general stupidity will no doubt be followed by the usual retards sending NC's originating from a Linden name because you are too much of a coward to do it yourself and the rush of filing fake DMCA's. 

Do yourself a favour and go get one....Trolls 0 [Banned] 1
[Banned] - Fitmesh Dea Body
Shada Latte 2 ([Banned], WowMeh, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Physique Slink Hands and Feet Appliers) *


Ikon - Promise *

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria *

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