Friday, 19 September 2014

Magic - Moon_sha, Kei-Spot, Nerdology, Unas, >glYph< and The Annex at the 30L Mystery Gacha

GACHA STUFF!!   All at 30L and the ultra rares are a mystery...a different one each day..WOOT
The idea is every merchant will provide awesome prizes and you will have to discover them: only commons and rares will be shown in pictures and each day you can win only 1 of the 4 fantastic Ultrarares they made. The last day all of them will be available to be won.
Will you be the first one to uncover the mystery?

The Mystery Gacha, from 19th to 22nd September.

Anyhoo...above we have the Screen (Black Rare) from Moon_Sha.  Perfect for a healer hut or anywhere you want to divide the room up, plenty of colours to grab to fit in with your decor

The gorgeous Tree of Life table and stool are from Kei-Spot.  I love the design personally and they come with a bunch of cute poses and props so as usual with her stuff...get them!

The Death Wand and Death Spellbook are from the Nerdology gacha.  They come with a pose, are super cute and you need them so you can get all Harry Potter on people

The Toils skirt, scarf and tiara are from Una and are wonderfully gruesome with the skulls but are perfect for pictures or to wear in RP.  Different colours to grab so go do so!

The Aldarie Bracers are from >glYph<.  Simple and well made, they do what they are supposed to and you get male and female versions as well as a HUD to change up between gold and silver...perfect

Bridge, Marilyn, Nose and Eyebrow piercings are all from The Annexe machine.  You need to slap it A LOT and grab all the goodies they are offering..just sayin


Magika - Moment


!Curvalicious Shada Latte 1 ([Banned], WowMeh, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Physique Slink Hands and Feet Appliers) *


Ikon - Promise *

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria *



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