Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Stuff from RVI

We have the awesome mesh crypt, perfect for any RP scene, sim or even just get for Halloween to decorate your space. The Tombstone inside the Crypt has 8 mourning animations and can be used by up to 8 avatars with The nPose system so you can switch between poses, positions and allows you to adjust them.  The crow on the tree has sound effect on touch, the gate are open close on touch or collision and the black marble gate torches have time activated flames.  Go get one!

This cute Dragon Statue is another perfect addition to any Gothic scene or sim, copy and mod, go grab one

Gorgeously well made, this Crypt with tombstone is another awesome offering from RVi.  Place is as a permanent fixture or bring out for photo ops.  As with the other crypt items it has 8 mourning animations which can be can be used by up to 8 avatars at the same time with the nPose system letting you switch between poses and position.

Here is the stand alone Cemetery Crypt.  Perfect for decoration or RP, or crack it out for Halloween and fill it with scaries!.  Lovely build so even if you do not need it now, grab it..you will some when!

Gorgeous Mesh Arabian Market Tent, richly textured AND with a texture change HUD so you can fit it in with your theme add to that the fact it is re-sizable it makes the perfect prop.  We also have the Market Table with rugs, cute and well detailed, a perfect addition to the tent.  Finally, we have the cute Ottoman, again with a texture changing HUD and a cute sit, so rezz it out and get your Arab on!


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