Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fantasy Gacha, it's Nearly here! Featuring Grumpy Goat and Rack

So, I had to give these their own post.  I mean, I had NO clue what I would say about these until I wore them and then I knew.....awesome lol.  They are so cute and quirky you almost wonder why you do not run around like a cartoon all the time.  The first pic is the Fou Fighter Helga (Rare) and the second is Fou Fighter Braa (Common). They come with custom AO's and are just....brilliant lol.

The lovely Helga is posed with the Pose 4 from the She's A Badass Bitch! set from Rack, complete with quiver, bow and arrow props.

Grumpy Goat - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Rack - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

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