Monday, 12 May 2014

An Lema and Kitty Moon at The Countdown Room and Serenity Style at The Fantasy Room

Above we have the A Tule Sira bed, with click to move the bed sheet down or off and a bunch of single and couples anims.  There is also the Medieval Style Reading Bench, again with several single and couples anims and both are by An Lema.

At the foot of the bed are some of the ornaments from Kitty Moon, which are available in a bunch of colours

The gorgeous Retro Sewing set is from Serenity Style, is just awesome and you NEED it.  I LOVE retro stuff and as I never get to actually use anything I blog (this is a dedicated blogger av only) for once I decided I was going to and promptly rezzed it in my alts store as decor.....LOVE IT!

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