Friday, 25 April 2014

More Fantasy Gacha Previews featuring Bite & Claw, ::Moon Inc::, Belissima, Little Bones, Neverwish, [Demonic], Caverna Obscura and Scorpio13 Designs

Bunch of stuff here starting with Noeme Fantasy Skin - Demonic (Rare) from Bite & Claw. With its red tone and scale details on the forehead and cheeks it is pretty cool and after speaking to the creator she has said there will be an applier pack available in her store once the fair opens.

Then we have the Black Victorian Fantasy Parasol from ::Moon Inc:: I love this, its girly with an edge and I will certainly be getting as many of the colours as I possible can for my alt.

The shape is the Innocence (Rare) from Belissima and comes in Med, Normal, Small, Tall, Cute Azz and Lola options.

The cute as all hell hair is from Little Bones and again, awesome..super long and sits perfectly to frame your NEEEEEED it.

The horns are the Eva Horns (Ultra Rare) and are gorgeously detailed and you can grab them as 16 commons and 4 rares and the Crystalline Pauldrons Obsidian (Rare) are equally as lovely and both are on offer from Neverwish with 8 commons and 4 rares.

The face tattoo is the Parted (Common) from [Demonic].

The gorgeously whimsy Fiola dress (Ultra Rare) and Fiola flower necklace are the Caverna Obscura, the dress is perfect for RP or as regular wear.

Finally the Bracer of the Dark Healer (Rare) is from Scorpio 13 Designs.  Each one has a theme, grab em all.

Caverna Obscura - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

::Moon Inc:: - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

[Demonic] - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Neverwish - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Scorpio13 Designs - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Little Bones - Moon Child - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Bite & Claw - Noeme Fantasy Skin Demonic Scales - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Belissima at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Ikon - Promise

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria


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