Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fantasy Gacha Fair goodies featuring Munereia, Bite & Claw, [Demonic], Luas, Rack, Zyn, Belissima, =Kio= and *Que Verguenza*

Ok, first up we have the C'est En Forgeant set from Munereia.  You can collect the Table (Ultra-Rare), Hut, Anvil (Rares), Bar, group of bars, chains, Hammer (Rezz or wear), horseshoe, nails, pliers, rod, stool, tool rack (Commons). The set is perfect for RP so you should really try and get it all

The skin is the Noeme Fantasy The Deep (Rare) from Bite & Claw.  Gorgeous shade and an applier set will be available in the store once the fair starts.

The Hand face Tattoo (Common) and the gorgeous Eclipse (Rare) Tattoo are more from [Demonic].

The epic outfit is the Dark Swan set Rare) from Luas.  You get the leg armor, belt, arm armor, spaulders and the crown..stunning.

The pose is the from Rack's She's a Badass Bitch Set - Pose 6 (Common) and you get the quiver and bow props in with it!

The necklace is the Redwood Forest Turquoise Amulet (Common) from Zyn.

The shape is the Sunset - another Rare from Belissima.

On the rear we have the cute as all hell Fluffy Fuq Sea tails Naughtylust (Rare) from =Kio=.  I do not normally do tails, but this was just awesome, beautifully made with the rare coming with a super duper HUD that you can change up the colours of pretty much everything...get will be a tail convert

Finally, we have the epic Silver Guitar Shield (Common) from *Que Verguenza*.  There are 5 different themed shields and 2 staffs to get
Munereia - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Luas - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

[Demonic] - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Rack - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Zyn - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

=Kio= - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

*Que Verguenza* - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Magika - Shine

[MANDALA] - Pierced Elf Ears

Bite & Claw - Noeme Fantasy Skin The Deep - at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Belissima at The Fantasy Gacha - Starts 4th May 2014

Ikon - Promise

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria


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