Monday, 17 March 2014

NoName New Stuff, !Axis Creations and !Curvalicious at the Madpea Gacha

Picture 1
WOOT, newness from Noname and I couldn't get it on quick enough.  Above we have the gorgeous Holly outfit giving work wear a sexy new makeover.  It comprises the top and skirt separates and both come in 5 sizes AND with a texture change HUD to switch between 6 fabrics...perfect.

The menswear even pleased my other half and trust me, the man is fussy as all hell when it comes to his clothes.  He is wearing the Rick Cargo Pants which come in several colours and 5 sizes and you get two versions in the pack (in this case black and grey).  He is also wearing the Ronan jacket which again come with two colour versions in a pack AND a HUD to change between, wait for it.......11 vest colours, 5 shirt colours and 10 tie colours! I do not want to hear men complaining there is no choice for them anymore..if they do, then they need their eyes looked at.

The hats, oooooh the wonderful, screwy, totally dysfunctional, awesome hats.  He is wearing the Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair Tic Tok Mechanohat! (Ultra Rare) from Axis Creations.  With its bunch of clocks and pipes and ....stuff (it even has a clock on top of the hat).  He is also wearing The Seeker MechanoGoggles! (common) which i dare not even ponder as to what he has those for. I am wearing the The Classy Mechanohat! (common), which is, oddly, the most sensible of the hats and they are a must have for any quirky inventory wardrobe, especially at a bargain 75L a play.

My skin is the Cyrena 9 Rare from !Curvalicious at the Madpea Steampunk Gatcha Fair and it comes with cleavage and teeth option, Slink hand and foot appliers, Lola appliers, Phat Azz and Ghetto booty appliers. There are 11 to aim for and for 100L a go.

Picture 2
Another gorgeous dress in the form of the Paris.  Slinky, sexy, classy and gorgeously made it comes in 5 sizes and you simply have to get

The mans jacket is the Ted Jacket, perfect for dressing up or down, comes in 5 sizes and a HUD to swap between 5 jacket colours and 7 shirt colours...perfect!

More of those awesome hats in the form of The Poker Mechanohat! (rare) worn my me and The fuming Mechanohat! (rare) worn by him.

The skin is another of the !Curvalicious ones, this time the Curvalicious Cyrena 1 Common.

Picture 3
Last but not least we have the delightfully sexy and slutty Miss Murray outfit.  Based on a french maids garb, you can have it with your boobs out, which obviously I have, or if you are a little more modest it does have a PG version too but really, cleaning needs to be made fun, why cover em up!

We also have another of those fantastic hats from Axis, this one is The Chequered Mechanohat! (common) and another of the !Curvalicious skins being the Cyborg (Ultra Rare) with its motherboard bits showing through the skin and appliers as shown below

NoName - Pic 1 & 2

NoName - Pic 1, 2 & 3

Axis Creations - at The Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair - Pic 1, 2 & 3

N-Core - CINQ - Pic 1 & 2
N-Core - CUORE (Group gift, may no longer be available) - Pic 3

[Gos] - Triumph - Pic 1 & 2

!Curvalicious - Cyrena 9 Rare (Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Slink Hands and Feet Appliers)
- at The Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair - Pic 1
!Curvalicious - Cyrena 1 Common (Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Slink Hands and Feet Appliers)
- at The Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair - Pic 2
!Curvalicious - Cyborg Ultra Rare (Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Slink Hands and Feet Appliers)
- at The Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair - Pic 3

Aeros Avatar - Arrow 2013a

Exile - Criminal - Pic 1
Truth - Lolita at Collabor88 - Pic 2
Alice Project - Bells II - Pic 3

My Own

Ikon - Promise

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria

Slink - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female - Flat


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