Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Kei Spot and her flying machines!

One word......AWESOME!!.  Now, I am a little in love with Kei and her wonderful, creative mind.  She always manages to pull out something that makes you think "what the f*ck" and almost in the same moment go "I ALWAYS needed one of these!" even if you didn't know you did.

Now I could not decide on which machine so I had to do them all and when the carnival MUST get these without a doubt.  The barrel with the flapping gulls is one of the commons and depending on which colour barrel you get depends on which anim you get with it and if the gulls complaining about heaving your ass about gets too much, you can switch the sound off.  Then we have the Bicycles, which are the rares.  On this one you get a flying monkey to give you a hand while you fly about, tooting your horn and such.  Then we have the Flying Boat (Ultra rare) which gives you oar props when you sit so you can row yourself to a nice spot and merrily hover about watching the world go by.  Finally, we have the Rabbit powered machine (Ultra rare)....which comes with replacement rabbit power for when the poor one in the wheel collapses with exhaustion.  Theses are well made, well textured and mostly.... fun, fun fun, you unpack, wear and fly, it could not be easier to look stylish while navigating about.

Kei-Spot - at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (Opens 1st Feb)


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